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Your Dreamy Emerald Lake, British Columbia, Elopement Wedding: A Magical How-To Guide

Are you considering an Emerald Lake British Columbia elopement wedding? This pristine setting in Yoho National Park provides a stunning backdrop for intimate vows. With its serene waters and majestic mountains, Emerald Lake offers a uniquely romantic experience for couples looking for a secluded celebration. This article will guide you through the practical steps to plan your Emerald Lake elopement wedding, from choosing the perfect spot to ensuring your day is beautifully captured.

Key Takeaways

  • Say ‘I do’ amidst the romantic seclusion of Emerald Lake’s jade waters, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Yoho National Park, with year-round seasonal magic.

  • Plan your dream elopement with ease by picking the perfect date, sorting essential paperwork, and capturing every moment with a seasoned wedding photographer like Lauren Hollamby.

  • Enhance your elopement experience with flexible planning, including choosing idyllic spots, customizing your photography package, and celebrating post-vows without travel charges within Canmore.

Capturing the Essence of Emerald Lake: Your Elopement Backdrop

Enchanting Forest at Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake, also known as Lake Emerald, is an elopement destination that seamlessly melds magnificence with romance. Known for its jade-colored waters, the lake offers a beautiful mountain backdrop and an incredibly romantic and secluded atmosphere. It’s perfect for couples wanting to exchange vows by the lake or explore the scenic Emerald Lake Loop surrounded by mountains. For those looking to visit this enchanting location, simply follow Emerald Lake Road to reach your destination.

Imagine your wedding photographs enhancing with the stunning backdrop of an intimate mountain view and the surrounding mountains, along with a picturesque lake in Yoho National, right in the heart of one of the most beautiful national parks, Yoho National Park. Plus, the flexibility to plan your elopement during any season presents a unique charm each time. From the vibrant colors of fall to the pristine white winters, the beautiful Emerald Basin is a sight to behold all year round.

The Allure of Lakeside Vows

Romance and memories define lakeside vows at Emerald Lake. The secluded setting of the lake provides a serene backdrop for exchanging vows. Picture this: As you say ‘I do,’ the calm waters of the lake reflect the love in your eyes, creating a magical experience that you’ll cherish forever.

Where’s the most breathtaking spot for lakeside vows at Emerald Lake, you ask? Look no further than the iconic Emerald Lake Lodge. Here, you’ll find an escape into a realm of serenity and seclusion, surrounded by the famous jade-colored waters of Emerald Lake. The lodge, nestled in the heart of Yoho National Park, is considered one of the most magical places in the Rockies.

Fall or winter ceremonies at Moraine Lake offer a serene atmosphere, smaller crowds and opportunities for memorable activities like cross-country skiing. The lake backdrop enhances your wedding photographs, capturing the essence of the surroundings and creating a beautiful work of art, especially during sunset ceremonies.

The Enchantment of the Forest

Emerald Lake’s enchanting forest surroundings sprinkle a dash of magic to your elopement ceremony. Imagine saying your vows under a canopy of:

  • pine

  • aspen

  • birch

  • hazelnut trees

while the sounds of nature serenade you. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

Exploring the forests around Emerald Lake is an adventure in itself, and it’s a perfect opportunity to explore Emerald Lake as well. From spotting:

  • bears

  • marmots

  • squirrels

  • moose

  • black bears

  • big horn sheep

The forest of British Columbia comes alive with the rich history of the Canadian Pacific Railway playing a significant role in the development of the region.

Planning Your Emerald Lake Elopement

Planning Your Emerald Lake Elopement

Embarking on the exciting journey of planning your elopement at Emerald Lake begins with securing your date. Whether you prefer the vibrant fall colors or the serene winter landscape, the best time to get married at Emerald Lake is up to you. Just remember that the stunning Emerald Lake Lodge is only an hour away from Banff, making it an easily accessible destination for your magical elopement.

Then, focus shifts to the paperwork. From obtaining a marriage license valid for 90 days to registering for Yoho National Park, every detail counts. And don’t worry, I am here to guide you through the process. After all, planning an elopement in such a beautiful location should be a joy, not a chore.

Securing Your Date

Selecting the ideal date for your elopement intertwines your personal preferences with the optimum times to visit Emerald Lake. The lakes start breaking up in early April or late May to June, making these months a particularly beautiful time to elope at the lake.

Remember, a memorable elopement is not just about the location and the ceremony, but also about capturing these special moments. And for that, you need an experienced wedding photographer. I recommend booking your photographer as soon as you have confirmed your wedding date.

I am available for wedding photography bookings from September 2024 onwards and can’t wait to capture your love story.

Necessary Paperwork

A bit of paperwork is required to officiate your Emerald Lake elopement. You need to have:

  • A marriage license

  • A park pass

  • An officiant

  • Witnesses

If you’re planning to have your ceremony outside Emerald Lake Lodge, an additional permit may be necessary.

Applying for a marriage license involves:

  • Going to a registry agent office with your intended spouse

  • Providing identification and documents

  • The license should be obtained within three months of the elopement ceremony date at Emerald Lake to ensure it’s valid for the ceremony

  • There’s no waiting period to receive the license once you’ve applied for it

Lauren Hollamby Photography: Capturing Your Moments

As a wedding and elopement photographer, my aim extends beyond capturing your elopement to immortalizing your love, laughter, and adventures. My approach is relaxed and focused on capturing genuine moments and emotions. I blend fine art landscapes, beautiful portraiture, and creative storytelling to give a luxurious feel to your photos.

Being a storyteller at heart, my desire is to narrate your love story in the most captivating manner. That’s why I specialize in a documentary approach, capturing the candid in-between moments that truly tell your story.

My Journey to Your Story

Photography stole my heart with its power to freeze time and encapsulate emotions. It allowed me to tell a story without saying a word. And what better story to tell than that of love? This is why I chose to specialize in wedding and elopement photography.

I believe in capturing genuine moments, and this belief forms the cornerstone of my approach to photography. I want to capture the real you, the real emotions, and the real moments that make your wedding day special.

Your Love Narrative Through My Lens

I aim to authentically capture your elopement, which is essentially your unique love story. I focus on the genuine emotions that make the day truly special, such as laughter, tears, and heartfelt embraces. Each photograph is a chapter in your love story, and together, they form a beautiful narrative.

I want to make your elopement photographs as unique as your love story. That’s why I offer a personalized approach, focusing on the fine details that make your wedding day unique. From capturing:

  • your personalised vows

  • the first look

  • that first kiss

  • intimate moments

I want to capture everything that makes your elopement special.

Top Elopement Spots Around Emerald Lake

Iconic Emerald Lake Lodge

Selection of the perfect location is pivotal when it comes to elopements. And around Emerald Lake, you’re spoiled for choice. From the iconic Emerald Lake Lodge to hidden gems in the wilderness, each spot offers a unique setting for your special day.

Each location around Emerald Lake exudes its distinct charm. Whether you want to say your vows against the backdrop of the majestic mountains, by the tranquil lake, or deep in the forest, you’ll find a spot that’s perfect for you. And with each location offering its distinct view of the lake and mountains, your elopement photographs will be nothing short of stunning.

The Iconic Emerald Lake Lodge

Luxurious Setting at Emerald Lake Lodge

The iconic Emerald Lake Lodge, not far from the equally stunning Lake Louise, stands as one of the most favored spots for elopements at Emerald Lake. With its breathtaking setting and luxurious environment, the lodge provides a romantic backdrop for your special day.

Emerald Lake Lodge offers a unique elopement package that includes:

  • Two nights accommodation

  • A three-course a-la-carte dinner

  • Breakfasts for two

  • A bouquet and boutonniere for the couple

  • A wedding cake

Their Mount Burgess Dining Room function rooms are tailored for grace and intimacy, suitable for small weddings and elopements.

Hidden Gems in the Wilderness

Beyond the lodge, the wilderness enveloping Emerald Lake houses several hidden elopement gems. From secluded spots in the Yoho National Park to the scenic Emerald Lake Trail Circuit, each location offers a unique perspective of the lake’s beauty.

Imagine saying ‘I do’ with the towering Takakkaw Falls as your backdrop or exploring the striking Natural Bridge with your loved one. These hidden gems in the wilderness offer a unique and intimate experience for your elopement.

Creating Your Perfect Elopement Package

Given the special nature of your elopement day, it warrants a special package. I offer an elopement photography package that starts at $1500 +GST and includes all standard options as well as bespoke location advice. And, I offer special discounts for 2024/2025 packages, making your elopement more affordable without compromising on quality.

In addition to the standard package, I also offer customization options. Whether you want to add more services or need bespoke location advice, I am here to help you create a package that perfectly matches your needs and desires.

Photography Services Offered

A variety of photography services are available to cater to your needs. From documenting your elopement to capturing your engagement photos, I am here to freeze your special moments in time.

Your elopement is more than just a ceremony, it’s a celebration of your love. And I want to capture every moment of it. That’s why I provide a fully edited private online gallery, a download of all edited photos, and sneak peeks within 48 hours. So, you can relive your special day anytime you want.

Customizing Your Experience

Just as you are unique, so should be your elopement. That’s why I offer customization options for my photography services. You can choose the locations, the number of photographs, and even the style of photography that best suits your preferences.

From discussing your plans and preferences to choosing the perfect locations for your photographs, I am here to help you customize your elopement experience. I want to make sure that your elopement photographs reflect your unique love story.

No Travel Charges Within Reach

Choosing an elopement location within just over an hour drive of Canmore, Alberta comes with the perk of no additional travel charges. Whether you’re eloping at the iconic Emerald Lake Lodge or a hidden gem in the wilderness, you won’t have to worry about any extra costs.

If you’re considering eloping further afield, don’t worry. I do charge travel costs for weddings located beyond the 90-minute driving radius from Canmore, but these charges are calculated based on travel time and can be provided upon direct contact.

Embracing the Elements: Weather Considerations

Weather is a significant consideration when planning your Emerald Lake elopement. The weather at Emerald Lake changes throughout the year, with temperatures around -2°C during the winter, though sometimes much lower and 17°C during the summer. It’s essential to dress appropriately for the weather and have a Plan B in case of inclement weather.

What to Wear

Selecting the ideal outfit for your elopement encompasses both style and comfort. Depending on the season of your elopement, you might need to layer up with lightweight base layers, tights, and warm socks. And remember, sturdy hiking boots are a must for conquering the terrain at Emerald Lake.

Plan B: Contingencies for Weather

Even though we always hope for perfect weather on your elopement day, having a Plan B is advisable. Whether it’s booking a ceremony spot directly with Emerald Lake Lodge or preparing for storms with appropriate measures, having a backup plan ensures that your special day goes smoothly, no matter what mother nature has in store.

I also never book elopements back to back to enable me to have another free day to capture your photos if the weather really awful.

Celebrating After ‘I Do’: Post-Elopement Activities

Canoeing on Emerald Lake

The celebration that follows is as integral to your elopement as the ceremony itself. Emerald Lake offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities that you can enjoy after your elopement. From canoeing on the tranquil waters to hiking on the scenic trails, you can celebrate your special day with an adventure.

If you’re up for a little bit of a travel you could head on a scenic private tour on a helicopter and spend some time on top of the mountains getting incredible photographs. A couple of recommended companies are Alpine Helicopters who operate out of Canmore and Rockies Heli who are in Clearwater county. From Canmore you are also well located to visit downtown Banff for a few days, just a short drive down the trans Canada highway or hop on a bus from Canmore. In Banff you could take a gondola ride up to Sky bistro Banff, the food is fabulous! There are also some wonderful walks/hikes and many other lakes in this area, although please be sure to carry bear spray year round. You will also need a discovery pass from Parks Canada to visit Banff National Park (This also gives you access to all Canada’s National Parks). It is well worth hiring a rental car to get around the many beautiful sights.

Navigating Logistics: Getting to Emerald Lake

Reaching Emerald Lake is simpler than you might anticipate. You can take a bus or drive from Banff, AB to Field and then proceed to Yoho National Park, where Emerald Lake is located.

And if you’re staying at the Emerald Lake Lodge, they provide a shuttle service to transport wedding guests to the Main Lodge.

Cherishing Memories: Your Elopement Album

A beautifully crafted album serves as the ideal keepsake to remember your unforgettable elopement day. I offer bespoke elopement albums that capture your elopement adventures and celebration.

Each album is a collection of memories from your special day, chosen by you & frozen in time for generations to come.

Ideal for sharing with family and friends so they can feel part of your special day. Albums start from $750 and can be added on to any package or purchased from your gallery after your elopement wedding.

Supporting Local: Vendor Recommendations

Backing local vendors for your elopement not only bolsters the local economy, but also infuses a unique local essence into your wedding. From function spaces and catering services to other necessary vendors for your event, I can provide recommendations to help you find the perfect local vendors for your elopement.


Planning an elopement at Emerald Lake is an exciting journey filled with love, laughter, and adventures. Whether you’re saying your vows by the tranquil waters, deep in the forest, or at the iconic Emerald Lake Lodge, your elopement will be a day to remember. And with a little help from a professional wedding photographer like myself, you can cherish those memories forever through stunning photographs. So, are you ready to start planning your dreamy Emerald Lake elopement?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in Emerald Lake BC?

Yes, you can swim in Emerald Lake BC, but the water is quite cold, so be prepared for a chilly experience!

What is the closest town to Emerald Lake BC?

Field is the closest town to Emerald Lake, just a 15-minute drive away via Emerald Lake Road, so it’s your best bet for accommodations and amenities. Enjoy your trip!

Is Emerald Lake worth it?

Yes, Emerald Lake is absolutely worth it! It’s a beautiful, less crowded spot in the Rockies, offering a peaceful atmosphere and stunning views that make it an essential stop for any visitor.

What is special about Emerald Lake?

Emerald Lake is the largest lake in Yoho National Park, making it one of the most stunning BC lakes and a resplendent place to visit in British Columbia. Surrounded by the President Mountain Range, it’s truly one of the Canadian Rockies’ finest lakes!

When is the best time to elope at Emerald Lake?

The best time to elope at Emerald Lake is in the spring (early April) or late May to June when the lakes start breaking up. This is when you can experience the most scenic views and pleasant weather for your special day!

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