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Wedding shoes 101, the best pair

How to choose your perfect wedding shoes.

Where to start

Start by setting yourself a budget. Shoes are one area where price differs enormously depending on what you choose. There are lots of beautiful options at all price points.

Also consider your wedding dress. Will you see your shoes? Your photographer will capture some nice photos of your wedding shoes for your album, but otherwise, depending on your dress, they may be barely seen.

Do you want extra height? This may determine whether you choose high heels or opt for mid/kitten heels or flats.

Finally and maybe most importantly think about comfort. If you’re like me and walk like a duck in heels, have a look at some kitten heels or block heels, perhaps even flats. There are some fabulous choices.

Christian Louboutin

Got your heart set on those red soled Louboutin? Go for it.

I did and I wouldn’t say I regret it. However, I will say, I wore them once and they are completely trashed. I also only wore them for half of the day before the trusty converse came out.

There is a nice photo or two of them in my wedding album though!

Prices currently start from £565 for a pair of Louboutin bridal shoes. Click here to check them out.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy’s are one of the most popular wedding shoe choices. I photograph lots of beautiful Jimmy Choo’s for my brides and I must say they are always absolutely stunning.

wedding shoes | Jimmy Choo
Beautiful pearl pair of Jimmy Choo wedding shoes. Currently retailing at £1495.

Every pair of Jimmy’s I’ve had the pleasure of photographing has had a nice high stiletto heel, however, they do offer some block heels, kitten heels and flats.

Diamanté Jimmy Choo bridal wedding shoes
Stunning diamanté and glitter Jimmy Choo bridal shoes. Currently retailing at £850.

Click here to visit Jimmy Choo wedding shoes.

Charlotte Mills

Beautiful bridal shoes, incorporating lots of traditions, such as something old, new, borrowed and blue. An old sixpence is set in each pair of Charlotte Mills bridal shoes.

Charlotte Mills are one of the most popular choices at the moment. There are lots of shoes to choose from, ranging from stiletto heels to flats. So there is definitely something for everyone.

These shoes are also a little more affordable than the previous two brands. Around the £250 mark, although as I write this, there is a sale on bringing a number of pairs down to around the £150 mark. So definitely worth keeping an eye out for a sale.

See Charlotte Mills bridal shoes here.


Converse do bespoke personalised trainers, which are wonderfully comfortable and well priced at under £100.

There are also lots of companies that will add bespoke touches to converse to personalise them to suit you & your day.

Converse are also a great option if you want to match with your partner. Check their offerings here.

ASOS/High Street brands

One of my 2022 brides got a fabulous deal on a lovely pair of flat wedding shoes from ASOS, they cost her less than £20 and she was comfortable in them all day.

Check out ASOS here.

ASOS flat bridal shoes

There really are shoes for every style and budget.

So happy wedding shoe shopping!!

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your wedding day and indeed your wedding shoes, I would love to chat! Drop me a message here and I will get back to you. Look forward to hearing from you. If you’d like to take a look at my wedding packages you’ll find them here.

N.B. Wedding shoes mentioned here and sites linked are done so for the ease of readers, I do not benefit in any way from this blog article.

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