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Top tips when wedding planning & how to have the most incredible day, because you deserve it!

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Top tips for wedding planning & avoiding common issues

Where to start

First things first, the only people you really need to please are yourselves. It is totally normal to have wedding fears & worry about things when planning a wedding, however, hear are some top tips to deal with tricky issues you may face.

I’m forever seeing and speaking to couples who are having worries and issues about what other family members and friends have said or think.

My top tips to avoid arguments are below.

Table seating plan issues

Do you have family that don’t get along?

If you want a traditional top table than absolutely go for it and seat who you want on that table. However, some top tips for alternatives are

  1. A sweetheart table – Have a table just for the two of you. Then everyone else can be seated on standard tables with the people they want to be with. The benefits of this option are no-one feels left out or second best. Also its a lovely opportunity to spend some time with your partner on your wedding day.
  2. Long trestle tables – They fit lots more people on, so you can spread everyone out, yet they can still all be on your table.
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Is a traditional table set up not for you?

Inviting Great Uncle Bob or plus ones

Are your family pushing for you to invite relatives you never see. It is an issue I had at my own wedding & I wish I’d been stronger about who I did and didn’t want at my wedding.

Let’s face it, weddings are an expensive affair. Is the person in question worth the price per head it is costing?

If the answer to the question is no, don’t feel under pressure to invite them. You want to spend one of the most important days of your life with the people you love the most!

Top tips for getting around this and also plus ones, that you may never have met.

  1. State the venue has a limit on day guests & just invite them to the evening.
  2. Advise family members that unfortunately your budget will not cover them & if they are insistent on them coming then they will need to cover the cost of their place.
  3. Probably my favourite option, but not for everyone. Elope!
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Celebrate with the friends and family you really want to!

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Bring the people who will fill the dance floor!

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