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Weddings at Cornerstone Theatre

Cornerstone Theatre, located in the heart of the city, is a sought-after wedding venue admired for its rustic charm blending seamlessly with modern comforts. This wonderful venue has the capacity to host all elements of a wedding, from intimate ceremonies to grand receptions. Its main function room boasts high ceilings with exposed wooden beams, large windows and contemporary décor, infused with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The ceremony can be arranged in an outdoor setting amidst the lush landscaped gardens, providing a picturesque backdrop for the vows. Additionally, the venue houses a versatile reception hall which is perfect for seated dinner arrangements, ensuring that your guests are kept comfortably engaged. Cornerstone Theatre also offers a range of accommodation options to suit the varying needs of your guests. The facilities include top-notch catering services, ample parking space, and dedicated staff ensuring an outstanding experience. What distinguishes Cornerstone Theatre from other venues is its unique blend of indoor and outdoor facilities and its ability to transform every wedding into a unique and personal event, reflecting the style and personality of the couple.

The History of Cornerstone Theatre

Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore, Alberta, boasts a rich history, being a cherished wedding venue for over 14 years. Nestled against the timeless backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, the theatre was originally founded in 2003 as a passion project by two dedicated locals, Neil Richardson and Louise Robinson. They converted a rustic log cabin into a thriving performance stage. The duo soon noticed that the theatre’s unique charm and picturesque surroundings made it an attractive location for special events, especially weddings. Responding to this demand, in 2005, they launched the first wedding event, inviting couples to exchange vows against the magnificent Rocky Mountain landscape. Over time, the venue evolved to include an on-site catering service, thus adding an appealing element to its offerings. Today, Cornerstone Theatre is a beloved destination for weddings, known for its exceptional blend of professional service, intimate ambiance, and stunning natural vistas. Despite its evolution, the venue continues to uphold its original heart and spirit, combining the warm charm of a log cabin with the grandeur of a professional theatre.

How To Find Cornerstone Theatre

Cornerstone Theatre is a popular wedding venue located in the stunning landscape of Canmore, Alberta. Specifically situated at 125 Kananaskis Way, Canmore, it finds itself nestled amidst the awe-inspiring Canadian Rocky Mountains. This unique and rustic location is conveniently within driving distance of Calgary, approximately an hour away. Offering breathtaking views, it stands as a sought-after spot for wedding celebrations, providing an exquisite blend of natural beauty and refined elegance that leaves guests enchanted. Hence, Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore, Alberta, is truly a gem providing memorable experiences in the heart of nature.

About Canmore

Canmore is a scenic town nestled in the heart of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Canada. It is renowned for offering a dynamic mix of outdoor adventures blended with charming small-town hospitality. The town is conveniently located 81 kilometres (50 miles) west of Calgary and five minutes from Banff National Park entrance, making it an ideal gateway to explore the Canadian Rockies. Canmore’s natural landscapes of soaring peaks, lush woods, and clear waterways provide a haven for various activities such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and golfing. Consistently growing, it has a population of over 14,000 citizens, attracting both permanent residents and visitors with its vibrant blend of culture, arts, restaurants, and sporting events. Canmore is steeped richly in history as it was once a mining town, traces of which can be seen in its architectural heritage. The town serves both as a peaceful retreat and a launching point for adventure enthusiasts alike.

About Lauren Hollmaby Photography

Hi, I’m Lauren Hollamby, and photography is my passion. Originally hailing from the UK, I now call Canmore, Alberta, my home. My approach to photography is relaxed and genuine, focusing on capturing those natural moments as they naturally happen. I pride myself on my documentary style, chronicling events just as they unfold. On a wedding day, I’m not just there as a photographer; I’m there to lend an extra hand, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. Whether it’s climbing mountains to capture that perfect sunrise shot or assisting with a bride’s dress, I’m all in. I’m honoured to be affiliated with both Fearless Photographers, Canadian Wedding Photographers and The Guild of Photographers, and I’ve even been awarded bronze accolades with the Guild. Outside of my professional endeavours, I’m a proud mother of two and cherish family time, the great outdoors, travelling, dining out, and moments with friends. Landscape photography is another passion of mine, and I often find myself exploring the picturesque spots of Alberta. When I’m not capturing moments with my camera, you might find me enjoying a glass of wine, savouring life’s many joys.

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